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Web design

Creating Web Pages for Dummies

All-In-One Desk Reference
by Emily Vander Veer, Doug Lowe, Eric Ray, Deborah Ray, Damon Dean, Camille McCue, Emily Weadock, Joyce Nielsen, Mariva Aviram, Stephen Lockwood, and Madhu Siddalingaiah
Paperback, 782 pages
Published in 2004
Excellent condition
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"Web sites are many things to many people. To some a Web site is an electronic business card; to others, an online storefront, to still others, a classified advertisement or a family photo album. The trick to creating a successful Web site is to figure out what a Web site is to you--and then to build your site and make it available on the Web by following a few simple steps."
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Learn CSS, DHTML, and Ajax the Quick and Easy Way!
by Jason Cranford Teague
Paperback, 562 pages
Published in 2007
Excellent condition
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"Let's face it: HTML is not exactly a designer's dream come true. It is imprecise, unpredictable, and not terribly versatile when it comes to presenting the diverse kinds of content that Web designers have come to demand. Then again, HTML was never intended to deliver high-concept graphic content and multimedia."
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Developing Web Applications With Active Server Pages

by Thom Luce
Paperback, 362 pages
Published in 2001
Fair condition
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"The Internet recently celebrated its thirtieth birthday but most people's awareness of it is far shorter. The World Wide Web (the Web), which many people think of as synonymous with the Internet, became a reality in 1990 after 10 years of work by Tim Berners-Lee and others at the CERN Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland."
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Search Engine Optimization and Placement:

An Internet Marketing Course for Webmasters
by Renee Kennedy, Terry Kent
Paperback, 76 pages
Published in 2001
Excellent condition
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"If you want to learn how to promote your Web pages in the major search engines and online directories, this book will provide you with the organization and skills that you need."
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Web Design for ROI

Turning Browsers Into Buyers & Prospects Into Leads
by Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus
Paperback, 196 pages
Published in 2008
Good condition
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"One naturally assumes, then, that organizations would be laser-focused on ensuring their sites are designed to capitalize on this opportunity, thereby maximizing their return on Investment (ROI). Strangely, that's not the case."
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The Web Design WOW! Book

Showcasing the Best of On-Screen Communication
by Jack Davis and Susan Merritt
Paperback, 219 pages
Published in 1998
Good condition
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"Nothing clears away the creative cobwebs like being inspired by the successful work of others."
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― Abraham Lincoln

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